Anchor of Hope Haiti


Manna of Hope Nourishment Center

  • RN with post-college certificate
  • Open 5 days a week 
  • We provide monthly prenatal medical screen to pregnant women 1-9 month gestation, 3 months of postpartum support and education.  
  • We provide classroom prenatal and postnatal education classes. All mothers are required to attend monthly classes.
  • Mothers pay a small fee to receive services for 9-12 months of education and nutritional support.
  •  Each month mother receives food supplements, prenatal & iron vitamins, instructions on treatment of water with bleach, and classroom instruction on maternal care.
  • Mothers receive referrals to local medical hospital for medical concerns found during their monthly exams. 
  • Mothers bring newborns into the Center for well-baby checks with in 1 week of delivery. We provide education on breastfeeding and complete medical screen of mom and baby to determine high risk situations that may be concerning. We provide mother and infant celebration kits to share the word of Christ with them. 
  • We have acquired emergency transportation for maternal delivery complications.
  •  Trained and Graduated 12 local Matrons in a year-long education program to improve their skills in providing care. 

Christian Education Pre-K thru 8th grade

  • Provide Christian education to the children in Arcahaie, Haiti at little to no cost.
  • Provide nutritious Plumpy-Nut  peanut butter  Breakfast from MFK, which is locally sourced to improve behavior, learning and focus during the morning hours of the school day
  • Provide  highly nutritious hot lunches each school day through Feed My Starving Children.  
  • Provide clean drinking water to children and staff  during the school day in order to prevent dehydration, illness and fatigue.
  • Provide clean water to cook food and wash dishes.
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