Anchor of Hope Haiti


Christian Education Pre-K thru 9th grade

  • Provide Christian education to the children in Arcahaie, Haiti at little to no cost.
Daily Nutrition
  • Provide  highly nutritious hot lunches each school day. 
  • "Feed My Starving Children”  provides a specifically designed food, rich in vitamins and protein, to support the malnourished child.
  • Provide nutritious breakfast food  to improve behavior, learning and focus during the morning hours of the school day.
Clean Treated Water
  • Provide clean drinking water to children and staff  during the school day in order to prevent dehydration, illness and fatigue.
  • Provide clean water to cook food and wash dishes.
Hand-washing Stations
  • Provide education and water for hand-washings to prevent Cholera and other stomach ailments due to  poor hygiene practices. 
Matron (unskilled birth attendants) Education
  • Provide continued education of local mountain matrons,  in recognizing high risk pregnancies  and utilize  safe, current birthing techniques.



  • Provide food and water to school  families during school breaks and on weekends.
Education Expansion to 12th grade
  • Provide expanded education for grades 10th through 12th. 
Manna of Hope Nourishment Program
  • Provide education and basic health screens in prenatal and postnatal care to our community.
  • Provide Developmental Assessments  of infants and young children.
  • Provide nourishment assessments and food to mothers, infants, and children 
  • Provide basic nursing support to school children and staff.
  • Provide a midwife, (skilled birth attendant) from Midwives of Haiti, who has a RN degree and 1.5 years post-degree training in birthing.
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Anchor of Hope located in

Traverse City, Michigan and serves

School of Hope in Arcahaie, Haiti.