Anchor of Hope Haiti

Anchor of Hope Haiti

Jean Claude Degazon

As a young man, a missionary man came to Jean Claude’s village.  This missionary became impressed with Jean Claude's diligence, strength, and family values.  He paid for him to enter school, and later attend college.  As one of 11 children,  Jean Claude knew the importance of education and how challenging it was to afford.  He used his education and employment to help his family survive.  When the earthquake struck in January 2010, Jean Claude was an interpreter for a medical team in Pedegwa.  In the quake, he became trapped in a building for several hours.  With everything crushed around him, he talked to God asking, “Are you going to leave me where I am at?” in all of this rubble.  Jean Claude heard God’s voice reply, “There is something you can do.”  His best friend spent hours digging and praying to get Jean Claude free.  That was the turning point for Jean Claude.  He knew God had big plans and that he must follow Him.  After this event, he continued to work as an interpreter in a small town.  In this small community, he found many children were not in school, as their parents could not afford their education.  In Haitian society, everyone knows and appreciates that education is the key to prosperity and change.  With time, prayer, and the help of friends, he felt that he could pay forward the good fortune that he had received.  He purchased the land for School of Hope and began to see his vision come to life.

Dawn Brown

As a young child, Dawn Brown looked thru National Geographic magazines, and closely studied the pictures of different cultures and children.  She was looking for something bigger than herself, but  did not know God's plans for her life.  God planted a seed deep in her soul when she was very young.  A seed of desire to help others who had also been oppressed and had few opportunities.  Little did she know, He had great plans for her in Haiti, almost 40 years later.  God gave her the skills to encourage, bring joy, love, and hope to others.  She was unprepared for His great plans.  He challenged Dawn to start a school.  He strongly guided her stubborn ways, so that she would trust in Him and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Through the School of Hope, in the mountain village of Arcahaie, Haiti her vision also came to life.

School of Hope

Jean Claude and Dawn met in 2003 when they worked together on a mutual project in southern Haiti.  There, they formed a friendship that would connect them for the future building of School of Hope.  In 2012 School of Hope started with 10 children and 3 staff in a small tin and plywood hut. In five short years, through faith in God and hard work, the school has grown from 10 children to almost 500 children!  School of Hope now employs 25 staff members, which also helps the local economy.  In this community where tuition is not free, School of Hope offers a chance for education at little to no cost.  Uniforms are optional.  Everyday, many children come through the gate with excitement and laughter.  Each child experiences love, hope, health and safety inside these school walls. 

Anchor of Hope

In August 2017, Anchor of Hope became the non-profit organization that would help support the school and other ongoing projects such as the malnourishment and midwife clinic, called "Manna of Hope Nourishment Center".  Through the generous donations to Anchor of Hope, the clinic began breaking ground in March 2018.  Our hope is to expand the nutrition program through midwives that attend to the local community, by monitoring mothers and newborns that have poor access to care.    

Hebrews 6:19a NIV “…this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

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Anchor of Hope located in

Traverse City, Michigan and serves

School of Hope in Arcahaie, Haiti.