Anchor of Hope Haiti

Anchor of Hope, Haiti 

In August 2017, Dawn Brown and Bob Brown developed Anchor of Hope, Haiti.  AOHH is a USA non-profit organization, working in Haiti but resides Michigan.  AOHH provides spiritual, financial, and material infrastructure support to two small mountain ministries for Jesus Christ.  The first major ministry is our Christian primary school which is called School of Hope - Arcahaie. It is a very low-cost educational opportunity for children who otherwise would never learn to read or write. Our school is preschool thru 9th grade. We provide a vital Christian education and dietetically designed meals from Vita Mamba and Feed my Starving Children, to almost 500 malnourished children. We employ 30 local staff as teachers and administrators, groundskeeping and maintenance, cooks and security.    


Our second major ministry is called Manna of Hope Nourishment Center, which opened in January 2019.  Our ministry provides the infrastructure for Haitian midwives and mountain non-skilled matrons to serve their community of pregnant women and infants.  Pregnant women are fed spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. This is attained thru individual prayer, monthly prenatal classes and medical screens, postnatal care classes and screens, weekly course work to mountain matrons in basic medical knowledge for optimum care for their mothers and infants. We also provide food, prenatal vitamins, and supplies to matrons for delivery of babies and referrals to local hospitals as needed for medical concerns.  Our goal is to meet the needs of this most fragile population, as maternal/infant death during delivery is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. Most of these conditions causing their death are preventable. 


Dawn Brown – Cofounder 

Through extension of grace and perseverance, God has been pruning and developing Dawn to work for Him her entire life.  Dawn’s struggles began early in life, where she had endured hardships during her young childhood and young adulthood.  From these circumstances, she has grown and developed a sense of responsibility in helping others who are oppressed, abused, and have little offer of hope.  She began missionary work in Haiti in 2003, where she met interpreter Jean Claude Degazon.  Through this connection in doing God’s work, they began a very small school in Arcahaie, Haiti, called School of Hope.  She and her husband, Bob, have continued their work on the school grounds, and from their home in Traverse City, Michigan. 


Jean Claude Degazon - School of Hope Director 

Jean Claude was one of 11 children. His father died when he was very young and his mother was a devout voodoo worshipper. Many times they went without food or water.  American missionaries working in Haiti, found Jean Claude was a young boy of character, diligence, kindness, and with inner strength not often observed in children so young. These missionaries offered an opportunity to him to obtain an education and to learn about the hope of Jesus Christ. Jean Claude accepted this opportunity and ended up attending college.  He has used his education and employment to help his own family survive.  

When the great earthquake struck in January 2010, Jean Claude was an interpreter for a medical missionary team in Pedegwa.  In the quake, he became trapped under the concrete building for several hours.   After his recovery, Jean Claude continued to work as an interpreter throughout Haiti for foreign missionaries. While Jean Claude was working in the small community of Arcahaie, he found many children were unable to attend school, as their parents could not afford an education. Jean Claude believed he was alive after the earthquake in order to make a difference for children. With much prayer and many more conversations with God, Jean Claude knew it was time to build a school.  He eventually purchased the land for School of Hope and joined forces with Dawn and Bob Brown. 

Hebrews 6:19a NIV “…this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

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Anchor of Hope Haiti is  located in

Traverse City, Michigan, serving 

          School of Hope and 

          Manna of Hope Nourishment Center