Anchor of Hope - Haiti
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School of Hope, Arcahaie

Pre-K thru 9th grade

  • Christian education to 300-400 children per year.  Children are placed in grades according to their ability, not age.  Many children cannot come to school until they are much older or must stop attendance due to home situation.
  • Minimal cost per child to attend school.  No child is denied based on payment.
  • Breakfast of peanut butter pack for daily breakfast from Medical Food for Kids
  • Peanuts are locally grown and harvested by Haitian farmers.
  • Hot lunch of dietetically designed food for malnourishment from Feed My Starving Children, an international food aide program.
  • Clean drinking water. Significant dehydration impairs health of children. (Many children have NO clean water access at home, and suffer from significant dehydration over the long weekends away from school).
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Uniforms, clothing, shoes, school books, school supplies are provided