Anchor of Hope - Haiti
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Manna of Hope Nourishment Center

  • Haiti suffers from maternal mortality ratio of 380 per 100,000 live births. When a mother dies, her children become orphans, often living on streets or sold as a house slave  (Restavec).
  • Haiti suffers from high infant mortality rate of 55 per 1000 live births.
  • We provide a place where women who are pregnant can receive prenatal and postnatal care, prayer, and support during their entire pregnancy.
  • Staffed with a RN with earned post-graduate degree in midwifery training from Midwives for Haiti
  • We see at least 100 women yearly, approximately 60 babies.
  • Women pay under $3 for all care provided.
  • Women receive monthly prenatal visits with monthly prenatal education.
  • Classes on self-care, infant care with breast-feeding and infant feeding
  • Provide education & sterile birth kits for local Matrons, based on the WHO recommendations for home deliveries
  • Food supplements with focus on protein, prenatal and iron vitamins
  • Bleach treatment of drinking water 
  • We provide mother and infant celebration kits to share the word of Christ with them.
  • Newborn-checks are provided with in 1 week of delivery
  • Medical screenings of mom and baby to determine high risk situations that may be concerning
  • Referrals for complications or emergency transportation is provided