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Anchor of Hope - Haiti

A Haitian proverb “An empty sack cannot stand”

Monthly Expense Pie Chart

In August 2017,  Anchor of Hope, Haiti (AOHH) nonprofit was formed by a partnership between Haitian and American Christian friends. AOHH is a 501C3 non-profit organization to help support a very poor community near Arcahaie, Haiti. AOHH provides spiritual, financial and material infrastructure support for the following Christian ministries in this mountain settlement.

School of Hope

Education is such privilege in Haiti.  In 2011 we started with about 40 children, and now provide a very-low cost school for almost 400 children. Our school provides education from Pre-Kindergarten through 9th grade. Each family is expected to pay a nominal fee for their children to attend school.

A Haitian proverb: “An empty sack cannot stand” provides our incentive to provide food and education as this is the only way out of oppression and poverty.  We provide employment to 32+ staff with monthly fair wages on campus, in a country where there is 80% unemployment

We strive to provide
  • Basic education in a safe Christian environment, where a child can experience the love of Christ 
  • Two meals per school day thru a local Haiti-farm Medical Food for Kids and  International program through Feed My Starving Children
  • Precious clean drinking water for every child
  • School of Hope is in the top three schools in the area for passing required government exams

Manna of Hope Nourishment Center 

Manna of Hope Nourishment Center opened in January 2019, as a ministry that provides Haitian midwives and mountain matrons in the Arcahaie community.  Currently 12 local matrons have graduated from our program with education in the WHO standard-of-care for home delivery.

Our goal is to improve women’s health, as this is not seen as important in Haiti. Women are fed spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally throughout their pregnancy.  We accomplish this through monthly prenatal visits with our certified RN midwife. Our goal is to reduce infant and maternal mortality, as this is the highest in the Western Hemisphere. 

We provide:
  • individual prayer with each mother
  • monthly prenatal and postnatal education 
  • monthly prenatal medical screenings with 3 postnatal visits
  • monthly coursework to mother about prenatal self care
  • prenatal food with focus on protein & vitamins
  • referrals and transportation to local hospitals for medical complications